Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reunite abandoned store carts with their families!

My personal contribution to the on-going campaign waged against abandoned shopping carts! Mizu Sugimura, copyright 2009.

If the residential area where you live has become anything like mine, you've noticed orphan shopping carts have popped-up by the roadside miles and miles from their habitual home base. During an idle search on the Internet a few years back I discovered a sampling of some of the myriad and truly creative solutions individuals in communities in all part of the world have come up with (the actual data may be revealed in another post) to try and deal with these wandering spawn of global commerce.

While I won't claim the idea sketched out in two and three dimensional form in the picture above is among anyone's Top Ten, if the powers-that-be in my own community would put the imagination up in their grey matter to work and what resources they have in hand today into motion it's quite likely we'd already have a more effective solution than our present bandage.

I just want to show visually that the germ of a city-wide publicity campaign can be pulled together by ordinary citizens working in the homes with scrap materials on hand.

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