Monday, February 2, 2009

Update - Recognizable Changes Will Take More Time

I went for a follow-up appointment with the local medical magicians who are supervising the transformation of my eyelids to improve my vision. The correct medical terminology for the procedure is called a blepharosplasty.

Not a word you find yourself using in daily conversation isn't it? And while I prefer to call them magicians, they rely on their skill and experience and not mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus which I secretly desired prior to my scheduled surgery.

The follow-up this afternoon went very well and I'm scheduled for a second visit in a week or so to have all the stitches that were made to facilitate the transformation of both eyelids completely removed, an event that all-by-itself could justify some sort of celebratory libation.

Most likely I'll pass on any alcohol and celebrate soberly with a non-alcoholic beverage of choice. Perhaps I'll help my favorite local ailing corporate favorite Starbucks with a quick sale and kill off a pair of those two proverbial birds once and for all.

Should you be interested in reading more about what goes into a blepharoplasty click here.

(Edt. note: For all of those animal and bird lovers out there - about killing the birds, that's just talk. Birders are among my dearest friends and as very fond as they are of me, the truth is I don't want to put them in a position where they'd regretfully have to make a choice...)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

During a difficult transition, sometimes it's hard to still recognize yourself

AUUGGH! Do not adjust your computer! No it's not Halloween. I haven't got rapid aging disease and even though I resemble a semi-finalist in a "Frankenstein's Bride" reality show competition, it wasn't my original intention to finagle a perfect match to the pioneering literary and silver-screen science fiction mega star.

Actually, the accompanying picture represents the mid-recovery phase of medical wizardry to tackle a condition informally known as droopy eyelids for which those belonging to me had apparently been endeavoring to create for some years.

In my case the phenomena had resulted in considerably reducing my level of peripheral vision. This fact taken in combination with a longtime prescription led to consultation with local plastic surgeons for possible improvement via surgery...

My biological ancestry comes directly from the great island nation of Japan circa the Meiji era (1868-1912) and I have a sneaking suspicion that several relatives on my mother's side of the family may have generously bequeathed a tendency to this condition along with other prominent genes.

It's equally possible that my father's family who share the same rich heritage might have made a small deposit. Meanwhile, throw in a percentage of normal wear and tear gained while the odd drummer and I beat our instruments and marched down the road of life with time and the earth's gravity as bonny companions.

Looking at my present visage in the mirror (see accompanying photo) it may take somewhat of a stretch to visualize any improvement, but I have been assured by my professional caregivers that the process is in hand.

Stay tuned for more details ....