Monday, April 12, 2010

Molting Boldly Into The Future

Returning from a long time in the fog of self-examination and rediscovery prompted by a need to change my personal thinking about relationships - I'm going to hang out the "Open for business" sign at One Muse At A Time once again. I've been missing-in-action since July 2009 which doesn't seem so far away in the great scheme of things. It has however actually been a few months short of a year since I last put my fingers to the keyboard at this address. No doubt very few if any have actually missed my absence.

For those of you newbies who've noticed the blog after the posted date of this entry, my natural inborn inclination has always been to view time as one long continuum. Doesn't everybody? Apparently this is more true for Idealists.While I'm more than willing to plead guilty to that, if idealism is truly dead there would really be absolutely nothing to live for. So now I'm gettting used to the idea of seeing time as a series of hopefully sequential intervals, which is just the way a longtime acquaintances described our 30 plus year marriage.

Now he didn't exactly say the words "hopefully sequential" . Rationals don't express themselves so tentatively. I'm the one who inserted the word hopefully. For all these years I used to think everyone had hopes. But I was informed this is not an irrefutable fact. Apparently some people prefer to just stick with reality!

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